Hello world!

Welcome! In 2014, my life changed, and we welcomed the new love of our lives, our son Luca to this world.  I found myself deep in the trenches of new parenthood, succumbing to sleepless nights, dirty clothes, memory lapses, an unfamiliar body, patience tried beyond belief, tactical shower endeavors, and a newfound admiration for those on time.  Overcome by overwhelm and the dramatic highs and lows of parenthood, I found myself wanting to tell a new story…. and so emerged my passion to capture the beauty and stillness amongst the chaos of parenthood, that fleeting moment when your child is fast asleep, and you think to yourself, that nothing in the world could be more beautiful than this sleeping child and only hours before your longed for a place that would relieve you of this screaming child. And so emerged my desire to capture these fleeting moments, to create visual art that celebrates the family, that can be enjoyed on a daily basis, and act as grounding reminder.

So I created this site, a tribute to the family, the highs and lows, the struggle, the joy. And I hope to tell your story….

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