Dia Rao Photography

Hey there!  I’m Dia. Having grown-up in upstate New York I love apple picking, the fall, and an appreciation for all things preppy.  Having once called northern Italy home I relish extra thin crust pizza, Italian shoes and riding the train.  But years of living in sunny Santa Barbara have softened and salted me, and will send me outdoors on any occasion.

I love lacrosse almost as much as surfing, a fresh notebook with blank pages, modern Swedish interior design, rustic barns, little babies feet, singing in foreign languages, and anything the color Aqua.

For the last 10 years I have had the pleasure of photographing amazing weddings up and down the coast of California, Jamaica, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Italy. But in 2014, we welcomed the new love of our lives, our son Luca to this world, and my life changed. I found myself deep in the trenches of new parenthood, engulfed by the dramatic highs and lows, and this new-found identity of Mama. I found myself wanting to tell a new story….my passion to capture the beauty and stillness amoungst the chaos of parenthood emerged to create visual art from these fleeting moments that celebrate family. And so Dia Rao Photography {Littles & Family} was born; a tribute to the story of family, the highs and lows, the struggle, the joy. Let’s tell your story!